Access granted to... The Interview

Access granted to... THE INTERVIEW
The upcoming MadPea game with lots of goodies!
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BALACLAVA!! @ The Interview (TY! Uriah Eulenberg)
Gold Prize
Slide Projector Set
-Inc. cart, projector & screen- 
Silver Prize
Interview Desk Set
-Inc. desk, chair, lamp-

Sway's [Shutter] Notice Board . wood @ Lost & Found Event (TY! Sway Dench)
MadPea Writer's Corner - Telephone (TY! Kess Crystal)
xin + toro // Trout Republic Heist Gacha (TY! Jammeh)
xin + toro // bulletin board (planning)
xin + toro // hacking statoin
xin + toro // file cabinet + fan
xin + toro // money briefcase
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Top Secret Army Files (Paco Pooley / Manuel Ormidale)

[BREATHE]-Day After Day-Black (TY! Daisa Admiral)
The Interview starts April 1, 2016.